Begulife APPETITE 12-week plan

  • Cut down on big portions and change your lifestyle with our complete 12-week plan that is tailored to you.

    Designed around our targeted products, in particular APPETITE tea which combines filling herbs and natural appetite suppressors in a delicious apple, cinnamon and liquorice blend, you will be happy and content until the next meal time comes!

    Less than £25 a month! Say bye to costly gym subscriptions, unnescessary home fitness equipment and wasted time & effort - the begulife 12-week plan is designed to work for you personally.

    Don't hesitate, commit to it for 12 weeks, and 100% of your money back if you are not satisfied with the results!
  • A complete course including 12 packs of begu healthy tea:

    Appetite, System Cleanse, Morning Buzz and Nightea Night

    • FREE ebook manual to guide you through the 12 weeks
    • FREE nutritional advice and eating plans tailored to indulgers
    • FREE workout plans and supporting videos
    • FREE online support from diet and exercise experts
  • Follow the plan from the ebook manual:

    - try the meal suggestions and use the advice to create some of your own

    - train using the workouts and supporting videos

    - drink the begu healthy teas, as and when you need to (12 week supply provided)

    - our team are with you all the way, and will contact you every month.  But any questions or additional guidance, or even for encouragement please reach out to us on social media, or email

    It may seem impossible to reduce the desire or tendency to eat large portions at meal times, especially if you've had a bad day, but beating this is key to cutting your daily calorie intake - Appetite healthy tea will help you combat these strong urges and hopefully keep you content.
  • UK: FREE

    Europe: £8

    ROW incl. US: £10

    * order by 2pm for next day delivery (excluding Sat / Sun)


Our mission is to help you realise your weight loss ambitions through sensible diet and exercise, supported by our healthy teas, which are specially formulated with ingredients known to target and combat your challenges and temptations.

Learn about the scientifically-developed composition and mode of action of each tea included in the plan, in the product pages.

Key ingredients for each healthy tea:


Green Tea – packed full of antioxidants and known to affect appetite-regulating hormones, it can be used to affect metabolism (calorie burning) and also control the desire for food

Cinnamon – naturally sweet with no sugar and anti-oxidant rich which may boost metabolism. Also known for stabilizing sugar levels to feel satisfied with fewer cravings

Peppermint – known to improve digestion, boost immune system, relax and aid in weight control

Psyllium seeds – contains a spongy fibre that is used to reduce appetite, improve digestion and cleanse the system


Dandelion leaves and root – Traditionally used for liver and urinary tract health to promote the bodies ability to detoxify. It helps in fat digestion and is used as a diuretic, relieving some symptoms of constipation, like swelling and bloating.

Burdock root - Burdock is used as a mild diuretic also and laxative to help the body's natural detoxification process.

Psyllium seeds – contains a spongy fibre that is used to reduce appetite, improve digestion and cleanse the system


Yerba Mate – routinely drunk in South America for its energy and concentration boosting properties, also packed full of vitamins
Siberian ginseng – traditionally used to prevent colds and flu and to increase energy, longevity, and vitality
Ginkgo biloba – packed full of antioxidants and also may improve brain function

Also contains lemon peel to further enhance the flavour.


Cardamom – naturally sweet, traditionally used for cholesterol reduction and gastrointestinal protection
Valerian root – high in gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) which is known to improve sleep and insomnia with stress and anxiety reducing properties
Hops – traditionally used for the treatment of insomnia and anxiety

Replacing sugary or 'sports' drinks with healthy weight management teas alone is not enough, that is why the plan comes with a detailed manual to guide and encourage you through your lifestyle change, including:

- tips for controlling your appetite 

- general advice for a good and sustainable diet

- interesting "did you know?" facts 

- detailed and varied workouts based on ability or previous experience - whether new to it or out-of-practice from exercising or even a regular gym-goer, pick from 3 levels of manual to suit you specifically

-supporting videos from our fitness team

You are not doing this alone, we are here for you, so get in touch on social channels or directly on