Crave (28s)

  • Kill those cravings during the day with this amazing tea blend.

    Sweet and satisfying!
  • When you just want to reach for that sweet treat, the delicious chocolatey, and coconut flavours from begu crave healthy tea will stop you in your tracks, satisfying those urges in a much healthier way!

    Developed to combat cravings during the day, this indulgent brew contains a special blend of herbs formulated to help resist the urge to graze. A slight sweetness provides a comforting, treat-like effect, with fenugreek, cinnamon and gymnema, traditionally used to help stabilise sugar levels and reduce cravings, along with black tea and yerba mate for a boost. Mmm…
  • Drink during the day as and when you need to.

    SERVING SUGGESTION Steep 1 bag for 3 minutes in boiling water without milk.
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    Europe: £8

    ROW incl. US: £10

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What's in Crave healthy tea and why?

Carefully selected ingredients, traditionally used for their health and well-being benefits:

Black tea – full of antioxidants, called flavonoids, which have the potential to support weight loss. Also known for boosting energy, burning calories and breaking down fat stores
Cinnamon – naturally sweet with no sugar and anti-oxidant rich which may boost metabolism. Also known for stabilizing sugar levels to feel satisfied with fewer cravings
Coconut – strong antioxidant and health benefits, so can be used to improve digestion, lower cholesterol, stabilize blood sugar levels, increase metabolism
Fenugreek – known for improving digestion, maintaining healthy metabolism, lowering blood sugar
Yerba Mate – traditional use includes for reducing appetite and boosting metabolism
Caraway – known to improve digestion
Gymnema – known to reduce sugar cravings and sugar absorption
Sunflower and calendula – known for stimulating the immune system and anti-inflammatory properties