begu lifestyle manual - advanced

The perfect guide to accompany you along your journey towards a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Includes effective nutrition and fitness inspiration, top tips and science based advice.

In our Advanced guide we focus more on the specific challenges you may face after becoming a regular gym goer. Each Chapter covers a one-week period and provides you with the very latest techniques, nutrition and expert thinking, including:

✴ Advanced diets: what works and what doesn't, including dealing with the plateau

✴ Advanced nutrition: superfoods, macronutrients, specialised supplements

✴ Training less and achieving more: overtraining, cheat meals, time-based training 

✴ Advanced nutritional control: impact on body fat levels 

✴ Training for events and considering professional training

This book is compiled with the expertise of our qualified nutritionists, personal trainers,  pharmacists and healthcare product experts.

The begulife 12-week lifestyle plan for advanced trainers is a perfect companion to members of the begulife plan who have lost weight and want to move to the next level. We answer the questions you need to know when you need to know them, supported by example food plans and exercises designed to get your muscles growing and your body toning.