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Are you looking for a bedtime tea that not only tastes good, but and also aids sleep? At Begu we have put together information relating to the benefits of drinking herbal tea infusions to gain the perfect night's sleep.

Although there is little actual scientific evidence suggesting tea can aid sleep patterns, traditional use of many ingredients certainly suggest that these herbal substances - flowers, plants and roots can contribute to relaxation of the body and mind.  It is important to note that lack of scientific evidence in the public domain (i.e. on the internet or from literature searches) does not necessarily mean it is not fact, but simply no-one has to date been willing to sponsor a large scale scientific trial into the therapeutic benefits of the ingredients. If they are used internationally in a multitude of products and preparations, including in herbal teas, under this 'traditional use' banner, then why bother? The use for centuries in other civilisations does provide many in the scientific community satisfactory evidence as to their beneficial properties.


Within the health and wellbeing market, there are a great choice of decaffeinated and ready-made herbal teas. Previously we have all heard the myth of avoiding caffeine in the evening to encourage a good sleep. However, some decaf varieties and herbal tea blends can assist in aiding you into the sleep mode.

When we sleep, our body temperature naturally drops, with the thought that the lower the drop in temperature the likelihood of a deeper sleep. Therefore, by drinking a cup of tea prior to sleep will regulate the temperature allowing it to drop significantly for an optimal induced sleep. Tea can also become part of your ‘nighttime ritual’ and aid the body in understanding this ‘switch off’ period, helping you to unwind and relax. After a couple of evenings your body clock will be in a routine whereby once you have had your cup of tea you body will know to relax and drift off to sleep.


With so many ingredients out there and often little understanding of their purpose and health benefits, it is worth us identifying and explaining those ingredients we have carefully selected in this formulation for their potential to aid sleep. As lets face it you won't thank us for crafting a tea containing high caffeine ingredients, to then be sat up all night. 

Valerian - a natural sedative high in gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) which is known to improve sleep and insomnia with stress and anxiety reducing properties.

Valerian is in fact one of the most commonly used herbs for insomnia. Research shows that quality and speed of getting to sleep is improved. If you go to bed thinking of the stresses of the day or the one ahead, this herb has an effective mind-calming property. 

Hops - traditionally used for many centuries (9th century in Europe) as a herbal medicine for calming nerves and sedation. It is therefore well used for the treatment of insomnia and anxiety.

Although early scientific research cannot support the claim, recent studies into hops effects on anxiety and sleep disorders do suggest sedative effects.

Like valerian, both herbs have a long history of use as an herbal treatment for insomnia. There is some scientific evidence that hops may be even more effective when combined with valerian for sleep quality.

Cardamom - naturally sweet, traditionally used for cholesterol reduction and gastrointestinal protection. In Ayurvedic medicine it is also known for an ability to induce a calm, meditative state of mind, exactly what you need before drifting off to sleep. In the West, it is a valued ingredient to relieve anxiety and help with fatigue.


The bottom line is all teas of different, some studies argue that the last cup of tea should be consumed an hour or more before sleep, others suggest it entirely depends upon the type of tea you are drinking and what the ingredients are. At Begu we aren't that prescriptive, we suggest drinking our Nightea Night every evening before bedtime of course, but just in line with your usual routine. 


At Begu our aim is to develop a way of realising your weight loss ambition and more importantly the ability to maintain healthier lifestyle choices in a natural, personalised and enjoyable way. Our teas aid this healthier lifestyle choice through the use of natural ingredients that can effectively contribute to inducing a good night's sleep. And this in turn will have massive benefits to your health and lifestyle choices for the day ahead.

Try our Nightea Night tea solution to assist in ending those sleepless nights!