Trials - What happens now?

Welcome to begu trials

So, exciting stuff! You have signed up for our free 12 week beginner trial!

Firstly congratulations on taking the effort to change your lifestyle for the better, and for good! Below are a few things we would like you to know, so we both know what is going to happen over the next 12 weeks...

If you have any questions at all before we initiate the trial, please email us on the trials email detailed at the bottom of this page, and we will get back to you asap.

Our main aim is to ensure you know exactly what is going on, and are happy with everything.

What do we want from you to get started?

In order to get you started on our trial we are going to need to know a little bit more about you. The reason for this, is that this is a highly personalised trial, which will involve regular contact and support.

The things we will need are listed below:

  • Name, address and contact details (email, Skype etc)
  • Short paragraph about your weight history (what you have tried in the past, where you are now)
  • Completed Questionnaire (we will send you this), and it will ask you about your details (sex, height, weight, any difficulties you may have exercising as well as questions about your eating habits)
  • Selfie of you at the start of the trial

What about during the trial and at the end?

  • We will need you to talk to us regularly via email if you have any questions or issues (you will have a dedicated email address to do this)
  • We will need regular progress reports from you at Week 4, 8 and 12 at the very least including any selfies of your progress (we will not ship your next set of teas or provide further support if we do not receive these reports)
  • Self guided video interview (you answer a few easy questions about how you found the trial and your next steps) in exchange for free inclusion on our 12 week intermediate trial course (this will be fully personalised to you based on your progress and success on the 12 week beginner programme).

What do you get from us?

Most importantly for you, we are committed to your success, if you are willing to put the effort in (yes unfortunately we are not a miracle weight loss drink in a teabag, so if this is what you are hoping for then we might not be the right Company for you).

The support and product we will provide:

  • 12 week beginner plan, which will contain everything you need to get you started. This is a 70 page plan which will cover tons of advice on larder management, eating habits, exercises to consider, how our teas support you and more
  • 12 weeks of supporting teas personalised to you (we will send you these every 4 weeks if you are still working with us on your trial)
  • Dedicated email address for 1:1 support (we respond to every trialist email within 24 hours and are available to support you every day)
  • Personal fitness coach support (this may include free Skype time with one of our coaches depending on how the trial is going)
  • Access to a follow up 12 week intermediate trial (see details above about the end of the trial)

Are there any other terms and conditions?

Yes there are a few important things we need to make you aware of.

    • The teas we provide are intended to be supportive of a healthy lifestyle based on your personalised eating tendencies (we ask you about this in our startup questionnaire). Our 12 week plans contain a comprehensive guide as to what you will need to do in order to rewire your thoughts and habits around food and exercise for good. We do not pretend to claim that drinking our teas alone will yield significant weight loss, as they developed to allow you to reduce high calorie liquid intake and reduce the impact of calorie dense foods.
    • The effect of our teas may vary depending on the individual (as we are all different). Some trialists may find them more supportive than others. (Please note if you do not get on with a particular tea this is OK. We are happy to either exchange it for an alternative or work with you to ensure you stay on track through the 12 week plan. This is part of being human...everyone is different!
    • In exchange for the significant support we are providing you for free, we reserve the right to use images or written feedback we receive from you for marketing purposes on our website and social media, on the basis that this material is not taken out of context or edited in such a way that it has changed from the truth. You will have the opportunity to review before it goes live. We understand you might want the images to be anonymous, and we would never publish personal data or images against an individual's wishes. Please see our privacy policy also. 
    • Continued participation in the trial involves dedicated work from the trialist and provision of the information provided above. The trial will not be able to continue if you are not able to provide regular feedback/images, or are unwilling to commit to this trial in any way. We are willing to commit to you, so we would expect the same.