BBQ Prawns

  • 1 kg prawns

    1 large courgette

    80g spinach

    20 green beans

    1 broccoli head

    50g butter

    5 cloves garlic)
  • Defrost prawns by placing them in cold water (or use fresh of course).

    Once defrosted drain and place into a bowl, then grate garlic, melt butter and pour over prawns, massage around and leave them in fridge until you need them.

    Chop up courgette into cubes and set aside.

    Chop up broccoli and place into a pot of boiling water to boil along with fresh beans, remove and run through cold water, then set aside.

    When the time comes to cook, grab the courgette and prawns and place on the BBQ at the same time.

    When they are almost done, toss through some spinach to wilt a little.

    Then combine into a serving platter with the broccoli and beans.

    Serve up with some quinoa or just by itself.
  • PREP TIME - 15 mins

    COOK TIME - 10 mins

    Chef skills - MODERATE

    Serves - 6