Italian Mushrooms

  • 2 large flat mushrooms

    95g tin tuna in spring water, drained

    30g chopped tomatoes with a tsp of dried italian herb mix

    Half a small brown onion

    A couple of sprigs of fresh thyme

    Tabasco sauce (to your liking)

    30g low fat cottage cheese

    To make the crumb:

    30g ground almonds

    15g chopped fresh parsley

    Zest of one lemon
  • Lay the mushrooms on an oven tray lightly sprayed with oil.

    In a bowl, combine tuna, tomato mix, onion and tabasco sauce and share amongst the mushrooms, ‘filling’ the cup.

    Top each mushroom with a tbsp of low fat cottage cheese.

    In a bowl combine ground almonds, parsley and lemon zest and place on top of cottage cheese, this will form a light crust.

    Bake for approx 20 mins in a 180 degrees C oven and serve.
  • PREP TIME - 5 mins

    COOK TIME - 20 mins

    Chef skills - MODERATE

    Serves - 2