System Cleanse (Senna-free)

  • Reboot and settle your system - A naturally purifying blend that contains gentle laxatives, if you currently have a poor, low fibre diet.

    To gently assist your body do what it does naturally, this fragrant and caffeine-free blend tastes great, but also mildly cleanses your system to help you feel like the real you!
  • Formulated specifically to target sluggish or problematic digestive systems and to get your insides back to their healthy and fully functioning state. Today’s diets with readily available convenience foods, many of which are highly processed and calorie dense, can quickly lead to poor gut function, if eaten in excess. System Cleanse is recommended for the first few weeks whilst those bad food choices are replaced with healthy food choices from our meal plans.

    Containing a small amount of herbal ingredients Burdock Root, Roasted Dandelion Root, Fenugreek, Seabuckthorn Berries, Dandelion Leaves, Hawthorn and Psyllium Seeds known for assisting digestion and other GI-system relieving properties, together with vanilla, lavender and rooibos, it is a sweetly delicious and relaxing blend to drink in the evening before bed. As everyone can have a different sensitivity to mild laxatives we always recommend conservative and short term use.
  • Drink every other evening after your last meal of the day, before bed. Begin on day 1.
    14 days of teabags to last you 28 days when drinking alternate days.

    SERVING SUGGESTION Steep 1 bag for 3 minutes in boiling water without milk. Steep for a little longer for a stronger effect.
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Carefully selected ingredients, traditionally used for their health and well-being benefits:

Rooibos – caffeine-free and low in tannins. Rich in minerals and antioxidants. Known for improving stress and tension, and helping with insomnia.
Dandelion leaves and root – Traditionally used for liver and urinary tract health to promote the bodies ability to detoxify. It helps in fat digestion and is used as a diuretic, relieving some symptoms of constipation, like swelling and bloating.

Burdock root - Burdock is used as a mild diuretic also and laxative to help the body's natural detoxification process.

Seabuckthorn berries - a powerful antioxidant, used for skin and mucous membranes, with 10 times more vitamin C than oranges. Also reported to support digestion and aid in weight loss.

Fenugreek - contains high levels of soluble fibre and hence is sometimes recommended as an alternative treatment for constipation. Traditionally used for many digestive disorders.
Psyllium seeds – contains a spongy fibre that is used to reduce appetite, improve digestion and cleanse the system

Hawthorn - packed with beneficial antioxidants, traditionally used for the heart, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and anxiety

Lavender – traditionally used for skin health and healing

Also contains vanilla pieces and natural flavouring to further enhance the experience.